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Inman Community Foundation The Inman Community Foundation serves the common good for its residents, building strong communities by engaging people in philanthropy and developing a permanent endowment to provide resources, now and for generations to come.
Community Fund The McPherson County Community Foundation was established in 2001 to build charitable endowments by serving local donors and partnering with local organizations. The Foundation strives to help donors create funds that reflect their charitable goals. Grants are made from endowment earnings to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations to enhance health care, education, arts and culture, environment, civic and human services, or other charitable initiatives selected by donors. The Community Foundation offers you a way to leave a remembrance of your life, your values, and your family. People give through, not to the Community Foundation. We honor donor's wishes to ensure gifts we receive today endure for generations to come.
McPherson Healthcare Foundation McPherson Healthcare Foundation is committed to secure, manage and allocate funds for the enhancement of healthcare programs and projects for the residents of McPherson.
Moundridge Community Foundation A community foundation to benefit the Moundridge area was established in August 2010. The goal is to build an endowment whose earnings can be used to provide a granting resource for a wide variety of non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve health care, human services, education, arts and culture or other charitable initiatives which enhance the Moundridge community.
Youth Advisory Council Fund The Youth Advisory Council of McPherson County is designed to teach skills that encourage youth to give and serve in their communities and to make philanthropy a "habit of heart". The council gives youth expanded opportunities for giving and serving in their communities.
GIVE 365 The idea is simple. You give $365 -- a dollar a day -- to make our community better. You pool those daily dollars with others. Then, once a year, you decide together which organizations receive the money. Click here to start your daily giving.
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