The Community Foundation offers you a way to leave a remembrance of your life, your values, and your family. People give through, not to the Community Foundation. We honor donors' wishes to ensure the gifts we receive today endure for generations to come.

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Administrative Endowment
Donate Administrative Fund
Donate AED Endowment
Donate AFA Scholarship (Agriculture Future of America) Fund
Donate Ag in the Classroom
Donate Alma Lind Swensson Memorial Garden
Donate Anderson Cafeteria Fund
Donate Angels' Attic
Donate Aqua Pups Fund
Donate Arts After School Endowment
Donate Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary Fund
Donate A Swedish American Tennis Town
Donate Band Fund - McPherson High School
Donate Bedtime Rocks
Donate Bethany Village
Donate Billings Family Educational Fund for Women
Donate Blue Santa 2021
Donate Bob Hooper MHS Basketball Scholarship Fund
Donate Candice & Candence Goebel Fund
Donate Canton Galva Scholarship Expendable Fund
Donate Canton Galva Scholarship Fund
Donate Canton Township Library Endowment
Donate CASA: A Voice for Children
Donate Cedars Retirement Community Fund
Donate Central Christian College - Buddy Bryant Memorial Women's Basketball Fund
Donate Central Christian College Men's Basketball Fund
Donate Central Christian College Soccer Fund
Donate Central Kansas Conservancy
Donate Champion for Growth
Donate Charles & Lucy Johnson McPherson Hospital Cafeteria Fund
Donate Child Advocacy Fund
Donate Children's Fund
Donate Chinberg-Eberle Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund
Donate Church of the Brethren - McPherson
Donate Class of 1960 Fund
Donate Coach Miller Football Fund
Donate Community Field
Donate Community Fund
Donate Community Fund for Inman
Donate Community Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner
Donate Concerts for a Cause
Donate Countryside Covenant Church
Donate COVID 19 Recovery Fund
Donate Cradle to Crayons Community Child Care Center Fund
Donate DARE - City of McPherson Fund
Donate DARE - McPherson County Fund
Donate David Nutt Lindsborg Fund
Donate Deanna Zeitlow Crohn's Patients Assistance Fund
Donate Designated - General Fund
Donate Diane Calcagno-Fallis Fund
Donate Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Eagle Power Club Endowment
Donate Eagle Power Club Expendable
Donate Edwin R. Stucky Debate and Forensics Enhancement Fund
Donate Edwin T. Pyle Vocational/Trade School Scholarship
Donate Elyria Christian School
Donate Elyria Christian School Scholarship Fund
Donate First Christian Church Educational Scholarship Fund
Donate First Christian Church Endowment
Donate First Presbyterian Church Benevolent Fund
Donate First Presbyterian Church Facility Fund
Donate First Presbyterian Church General Fund
Donate First Presbyterian Church High School Fund
Donate First Presbyterian Church Mission Fund
Donate First United Methodist Church
Donate First United Methodist Church Scholarship Fund
Donate Free Methodist Church Fund
Donate Friends of Canton Carnegie Library
Donate Friends of the McPherson Police Department
Donate Future Lindsborg Child Development Center Building Fund
Donate Gallery of Honor Surgery Waiting Area Fund
Donate Galva Senior Center
Donate Gano Unruh Donor Advised Fund
Donate Gary McNaul Memorial Golf Scholarship
Donate GIVE 365
Donate Giving Hope Cancer Fund
Donate Good Beginnings Preschool
Donate GraceMed Health Clinic Fund
Donate Grant Catalog Fund
Donate Hanson Occupational Training Fund
Donate Health Fund
Donate Helping Hands of Moundridge
Donate HOPE Medical Travel Fund: Mark & Melissa Tipton
Donate Hunter Emerson Lineman Scholarship
Donate Inman Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Inman Arts Council
Donate Inman Children's Leadership Fund
Donate Inman Community Foundation Operating Fund
Donate Inman Education Fund
Donate Inman - Expendable Share It Back
Donate Inman FFA Scholarship
Donate Inman Leadership Fund
Donate Inman Medical Assistance Fund
Donate Inman Museum Fund
Donate Inman Parks & Recreation
Donate Inman Public Library
Donate Inman Recreation Commission
Donate Inman Senior Center
Donate Inman Share It Back
Donate Jacey Sarah Cantrell Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jacob R. Warren Family & Friends Fund
Donate James A. & Marcella M. Tobin Room Fund
Donate Janice Doering Education Fund
Donate Jay L. Frazier Scholarship
Donate Jory Konrade - Make Each Day a Masterpiece Memorial Scholarship
Donate Kansas American Tooling Scholarship
Donate Kansas Health Foundation Children's Fund
Donate Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund
Donate Kansas Sampler Foundation
Donate Karen Rice Ratzlaff Educational Fund
Donate Keri Lindholm Endowment for the Arts
Donate KHF Operating Fund for Moundridge
Donate KHF Public Health Fund for Moundridge
Donate Kids with Dreams Fund
Donate Kiwanis Club of McPherson Scholarship
Donate Kyle Jefferson McMannis Memorial Scholarship
Donate Larry Wallace Nursing Scholarship
Donate Larry Wedel Health Fund
Donate Leadership McPherson
Donate Lindsborg Child Development Center Operating Reserve Fund
Donate Lindsborg Senior Center
Donate Lisa Waldhauer Memorial Fund
Donate Mac Advantage Tennis Fund
Donate Mac Care Packs for Children in Need
Donate Mac Wrestling Fund
Donate Maida Tinsley Laughlin Lifelong Learning Fund
Donate Marquette Learning Center
Donate Mary Ellen Howell Education Fund
Donate Max L. Starkey Vocational/Trade School Scholarship
Donate MCDS - Path to Independence
Donate McPherson Area Cyclists Fund
Donate McPherson Area Habitat for Humanity Fund
Donate McPherson Arts Alliance Fund
Donate McPherson Center for Health (Hospital Fund)
Donate McPherson City Football Club
Donate McPherson College Fund
Donate McPherson Community Education Foundation
Donate McPherson Community Theatre
Donate McPherson County 4-H Development
Donate McPherson County Council on Aging
Donate McPherson County FCE Fund
Donate McPherson County Food Bank
Donate McPherson County Humane Society Fund
Donate McPherson County Supports Scouting
Donate McPherson Dog Park Endowment
Donate McPherson Family YMCA Fund
Donate McPherson Healthcare Foundation
Donate McPherson Historical Society, Inc.
Donate McPherson Housing Coalition
Donate McPherson Main Street Fund
Donate McPherson Middle School Supply Closet
Donate McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation
Donate McPherson Opera House Restricted Reserve
Donate McPherson Opera House Working Capital
Donate McPherson Optimist John Watkins Memorial Fund
Donate McPherson Parks & Public Land
Donate McPherson Public Library
Donate McPherson Public Library Agency Fund
Donate McPherson Resource Council
Donate McPherson Rotary Club Fund
Donate McPherson Student Ministerial Alliance
Donate Meals on Wheels of McPherson
Donate MHS Championship Basketball Fund
Donate MHS Class of 1989
Donate Mobility Worldwide/PET
Donate Monitor Cemetery Association
Donate Moundridge Arts Council
Donate Moundridge Community Foundation
Donate Moundridge Education Fund
Donate Moundridge Food Pantry
Donate Moundridge Historical Association
Donate Moundridge Legacy Scholarship
Donate Moundridge Projects
Donate Moundridge Public Library
Donate Moundridge Public Library Building Fund
Donate Moundridge Senior Center
Donate Moundridge Youth Fund
Donate Mt. Hope Sanctuary
Donate Neufeldt Family Fund - #4
Donate New Gottland Church
Donate Norene Ketcherside Endowment for the Arts
Donate Paul W. Davis Scholarship Fund
Donate Pine Village
Donate Prairie Trail Scenic Byway Fund
Donate Radiology Fund
Donate Raleigh Insurance Scholarship Fund
Donate Raleigh/Windom Memorial Fund
Donate Ramona R. Fries Fund
Donate Riverview Estates Fund
Donate Ruth Scholarship
Donate SAL Scholarship Fund
Donate School Supply Train Fund
Donate Shoes and Coats for Kids Fund
Donate SMCHA Education Fund
Donate Sprout House Learning Center
Donate Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County - Endowment
Donate Steps to End Poverty of McPherson County - Operating Fund
Donate Susan K. Souder Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Swinehart Legacy Fund
Donate Swiss Mennonite Cultural & Historical Association
Donate Terry Reyher Camp Colorado Fund
Donate The Dr. Gavin L. and Eleanor M. Doughty Scholarship
Donate The Fast Music Scholarship
Donate The Omega Project Endowment
Donate The Omega Project Fund
Donate The Rainy Day
Donate Travis J. Hedlund Youth Activity Scholarship Fund
Donate Troy D. Hostetler Scholarship Fund for Inman High School
Donate Tuition Assistance Fund
Donate United Way of McPherson County
Donate Uplands Education Fund
Donate Uplands Endowment Fund
Donate Valerie Ann Gates Scholarship
Donate Visual Arts Alliance of McPherson
Donate Vogts Children Legacy
Donate Wall Park Play Ground
Donate Wanda M. Wash Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Wann, Jesse Michael Preschool Scholarship Fund
Donate Warren Albert McVey Fund
Donate Watchdog Cancer Relief Fund
Donate Williams Education Fund
Donate Wilma Jean Cash Patient
Donate Windom Senior Center
Donate WOMAN's Endowment Fund
Donate Women & Children Combating Cancer
Donate Youth Advisory Council Fund
Donate Youth - Fitness for Life Fund